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Memes between Communication and Art

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An online prerecorded conversation with Giulio Armeni (Filosofia coatta), Fabrizio Esposito (Alvar Aaltissimo) e Monica Magnani (Vaberagaa), moderated by Lucia Casiraghi e Andrea Ciccarelli.

Giulio Armeni was born in Rome and has a BA in Philosophy and a Master in Publishing from La Sapienza U of Rome. He is a fictional writer (one of his tales won the prestigious Bellonci Price), as well as the well-known author of the online series about “filosofia coatta”, which is the subject of his successful Manuale di filosofia coatta (Roma: Momo, 2019 e 2022). His most recent work is Memeromanzo. Telenovela della politica italiana –A Novel in Memes: Telenovela of Italian Politics (Busto Arsizio [VA]: People, 2023).

Fabrizio Esposito is known as Alvar Aaltissimo as a memer. He was born in Naples and earned a BA and a Master in architecture from the Milan Polytechnic. As an architect, he focuses mostly on urbanistic matters, and wrote his MA thesis on the urban development surrounding Pompei’s archeological park. He is the author of two amusing and ironic books, Case Milanesissime (Hyper-Milanese Houses, Mantova: Corraini, 2021) and Stanze Bolognesissime (Hyper-Bolognese Rooms, Corraini, 2022).

Monica Magnani was born and grew up in Lombardy, near Cremona. She received a BA from the U of Milan in Humanistic and Communicative Sciences and a master’s in business communication, marketing and media from the Catholic U of Milan.  She is the author of highly successful texts for videogames, as well as a social media strategist for Redamant Games, a writer for the creative agency This is Hello and a very well-known memer under the name Vaberagaa.