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The RF organizes and sponsors various activities in line with its Mission statement, and will offer, as soon as possible, access to its library and archives. The RF is also open to collaboration with other institutions, in New York and elsewhere, that share common goals and activities.

Activities include:

  • Conversations on Italian and International Culture (online and in person) with scholars, authors, and artists (organized and led by the RF).
  • Conferences, lectures, symposia, and workshops on Italian culture, sponsored or co-sponsored by the RF. Scholars may apply for funds (up to $ 10,000) for co-sponsorship (small group applications are possible, but funds will be awarded to individuals, not institutions). If funded, the name Ragusa Foundation for the Humanities will appear as one of the sponsors in all printed or electronic publicity, flyers, eventual publications, exhibitions, videos, etc. Organizers are kindly requested to send an electronic form of the final announcement to the RF before the date of event(s). Deadline: April 15

    To apply, please provide in 500 words or less: 
    – Nature of the event (international conference, symposium…) and relevance to the scope of the RF.
    – Topic, range, target, and research goal.
    – Evidence of funds from other institutions or agencies.
    – Specify how the RF funds will help the success of the event.
    – Relevant CV (3 pp. max.).

    Please submit PDF applications, in English or Italian, to by April 15. In the headline of the email please state the reason for the application: Conference; Workshop; Exhibition, etc.
  • Short-term Fellowships / Research Grants to scholars whose research agenda and projects fall within the scope of the RF (financial support and length may vary according to breadth and length of projects, typical range is between $3,000 and $10,000). The Short-term Fellowship is conceived for an initial-midterm stage of the research project: funds may be used for traveling or expenses related to the project, etc. The Research Grant is envisioned for the final stage (writing, publication…). The RF is open to all academic ranks, as well as to independent scholars with a proven scholarly activity. Recent postdocs, regardless of their working/ academic status, are encouraged to apply. Small research group (2-4) applications that clearly define the roles of each applicant may be considered, but funds are awarded to individuals, not to institutions. Please note that the RF does not fund academic degrees; PhD candidates who have achieved ABD status (or equivalent) and are still enrolled in doctoral programs (in the US or abroad) may apply, providing documentation that their defense date is set before the beginning of the fellowship/ grant – unless they are applying for a project different than their dissertation subject. Fellows and grant recipients may be asked to participate in some of the activities sponsored by the Foundation and will acknowledge the Ragusa Foundation for the Humanities in any publication/ exhibition/ activity related to their RF research project. Deadline: April 15.

    Please submit applications for fellowships/ grants, in English or Italian, to by April 15:
    – A PDF proposal (1,000 words max., and a timeline if necessary).
    – Names of two references, with titles/affiliation and email addresses
    – Relevant CV (3 pp. max.) with evidence of scholarly/professional expertise about the project

    In the headline of the email please state reason of application: Research Grant/ Fellowship For any inquiries please write to the email above or

Topics include:

  • Italian literature and culture, including (social) media and visual arts (any period).
  • Artistic/cultural/ intellectual relationships between New York/US and Italy.
  • Bilingual or multicultural experiences related to Italy or to the Italian cultural context, in the US or elsewhere.
  • Cultural/ intellectual developments during the two World Wars and the postwar decades in Italy and the US.
  • Italian culture (any genre or topic) in a transcultural and transnational setting.

Our goal is to reward what we judge as the best projects, in view of the Foundation’s mission, regardless of methodological approaches, trends, themes, or artistic genres.

NB: All activities that require residency are currently on hold, pending building restructuration.