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In order to comply with its mission, the RF organizes and sponsors conferences, lectures and workshops, and will offer, as soon as possible, access to its archives.

Short-term Fellowships/Postdocs (from a few weeks to a few months) may be offered to scholars, particularly PhD candidates and recent Postdocs, who need to consult the Foundation’s archival material for their research projects or have a research agenda which falls within the scope of the RF (financial support and length may vary according to entity and needs of projects). Fellows may be asked to work on the digitalization of the archives, participate in some of the activities sponsored by the Foundation, and to recognize the RF in any publication that may derive from their research while fellow.

Preference is given, but not limited, to:

  • modern and contemporary Italian literature and culture, including media and visual arts;
  • artistic/cultural relationships between New York/US and Italy;
  • bilingual or multicultural experiences related to Italy or to the Italian cultural context, in the US or elsewhere;
  • cultural developments during the two World Wars and the postwar years, preferably or possibly related to the Ragusa family’s professional activities;
  • Giuseppe Prezzolini.

Our goal is to reward what we judge as the best and most appropriate projects in view of the Foundation’s mission or holdings, regardless of methodological approach, themes or artistic genres.

Applicants for fellowships will submit, in English or Italian, to, by April 15:

  • a 1,000 words (or less) PDF proposal (and a timeline if necessary);
  • Names of two references, with titles/affiliation and email addresses;
  • a relevant CV with evidence of scholarly/professional expertise about the project.

NB: All activities that require residency are currently on hold, pending building restructuration, delayed by the COVID 19 pandemic. Plans are to begin residential activities by summer/fall 2022.