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“Maledetta sfortuna,” a Conversation on Gender Violence with Carlotta Vagnoli

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Carlotta Vagnoli collaborates with several periodicals and TV news and talk shows. She utilizes social platforms to raise awareness about language and gender, as well as the various cultural approaches concerning gender and violence. She offers seminars in high schools on the themes of consent and prevention of gender-based violence. In 2021 she published Poverine. Come non si racconta un femminicidio (How You Don’t Tell a Femicide – Turin: Einaudi) and Maledetta sfortuna.Vedere, riconoscere e rifiutare la violenza di genere(Seeing, Recognizing and Rejecting Gender Violence – Milan: Fabbri), books that address the strong societal and cultural bias that surround the subject. The first book examines and counters the tendency to explain femicides as the effects of a raptus – an inexplicable and sudden violent act; the second, building on archival data and news, argues how the prejudices that feed gender-based violence can be clearly recognized and rejected. In 2022 she published Memoria delle mie puttane allegre (Venezia: Marsilio), a book that, taking its cue from Garcia Márquez’s narrative universe, talks about life in a provincial world, comparing Marina di Castagneto Carducci (the small town where Vagnoli grew up) to Macondo. She has just finished her latest book, Animali notturni (Nocturnal Animals – Einaudi).

Vagnoli talks about gender-based violence in Italy and the cultural world that foments it, addressing the need to eliminate the media stereotypes that too often downplay the narrative of femicides.